Fundamentals of the Faith

"Fundamentals of the Faith" (FOF) is a nine-week course on the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. Our elders, pastors, and lay teachers present teachings on key issues of the faith such as election, the attributes of God, salvation, and others. The class is a great way to clarify your beliefs and grow in the knowledge of our great God and Father. This class is the first step to becoming a member here at Cornerstone.

Course description: A study and survey of the fundamental (essential) doctrines of the Christian Faith with an emphasis on theology proper (the doctrine of God) and soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). The focus is on understanding and acquiring clarity on foundational doctrines of our Christian faith. The study is taught with the conviction that "right doctrine" is pivotal and essential to "right life," and that all doctrine and theology are to be applied to our lives.

Textbooks used include: Our Awesome God by John MacArthur, The Five Points of Calvinism by Steele, and Life in the Father's House by Wayne Mack.

Past Recordings

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