Missions Conference 2022


August 20, 2022
Matthew 6
Some questions to consider while listening: - What is the goal of this message? - What two approaches to life is Jesus comparing and contrasting throughout the Sermon on the Mount? - What are three examples of the standard religious approach? - What does Jesus mean when he says you therefore must be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect and how does this help us understand the Sermon on the Mount? - We may know it is right to live an undivided life and to seek first the kingdom of God, but sometimes we think it is so hard and risky and that calls to live like this are such a burden. How does the introduction and ending to the Sermon on the Mount challenge that way of thinking? - How do verses 19-21 connect with verses 1-18 and verses 22-34 of chapter 6? - Jesus lays out two different ways to live life in verses 19-21. What are these two different ways? - What is he trying to show about laying up for yourselves treasures in heaven? - What are the two basic presuppositions that are essential for understanding the argument Jesus is making? - What are the four reasons why living a divided life is such a foolish choice according to Matthew 6? - What do you need to do if you are going lay up treasures in heaven and live an undivided life?