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Each week, we'll answer questions that come up from the Sunday sermon, equipping hour, Bible reading project, or the circumstances of life.


December 16, 2022
Episode #9
Episode #9 Discussed About: - Memorable Christmas present or event - Takeaways from Luke 7:24-49 - Jesus & Unbelief - Grief during the holidays - Josh special personal announcement Transcript can be found here
December 2, 2022
Episode #8
Discussed about: - what we've been up to this summer - the difference conferences we attend & things learned from them - importance of counseling Transcript can be found here
May 9, 2022
Episode #4
(00:27) - - Moms we are thankful for. (03:42) - - Question 1: In light of having a future focus, how should we view hobbies that seem materialistic or worldly, such as traveling, eating, shopping, things of that nature? (10:07) - - I think for people from our culture, it's worthwhile to think a little specifically about these hobbies because we definitely do live in a culture that kind of puts such a huge emphasis on my personal pleasure. (22:24) - - The world has monetized our attention and so for us to be pleasure seekers, it is something to be aware of with our smartphones - they are going to sell pleasure to us! (27:20) - - Question 2: Can unbelievers glorify God with good works? For example, an unbeliever adopts a child or save someone's life...Is God glorified in that or not?
May 2, 2022
Episode #3
(00:25) - What were you like in High School (08:47) - Paradigm shift "a whole different way of thinking about reality" // 1 Cor 1:10 - 2:5 (Sunday's passage) (13:20) - What do I boast in (major theme talked about in podcast)? where do I find my confidence and identity in? Jeremiah 9:23-24. (21:59) - "Enjoying becomes boasting when I'm finding security, identity or approval in it. I'm looking for it in these things, and we make it our savior." - "God's not up in heaven, like, don't worship idols. Don't boast in these things because I just want to mess with you and I want to make it really hard. He warns us against idolatry because idols are liars." - Boasting is active (28:05) - Answer to question: How do we create a culture where we are emphasizing this paradigm shift // living life in light of the cross. (29:10) - But a great picture of the new lifestyle would be somebody described it as the J curve. (32:46) - I love talking about this because I think there's a million different ways we try to get out of dying to self; thinking of it as totally connected to our life circumstances. "But my hope to live a life that's all out for Christ is not just found in a change of my circumstances. It's more found in a change of world view." (35:31) - Needing to examine the areas where we need to die to self // Where in our hearts are we white knuckled? (37:40) - How to create a culture of death to self. 1) Faithfully living it out (38:39) - How to create a culture of death to self. 2) Communicating to one another how we are dieing to self. (40:00) - Looking to proactively trying inconvenience myself. "But it has to be about Christ and anything good is from him anyway. So if we make it about ourselves, we're just really missing the point." (42:29) - This is why you need normal, good, healthy, unrushed time with other believers who can present to you a different way of thinking about life.
April 26, 2022
Episode #2
Questions Covered: (00:23) Question #1: How do I shepherd my child through losing a competitive event (sports, performances, recitals, etc.). How do we think about sports / competition and losing - biblically? (25:54) Question #2: How do I apply this past Sunday's sermon from Luke 4:42-44: "Jesus, Miracles and You" ///// Topics Covered: (00:23) Question #1: How do I shepherd my child through losing a competitive event (sports, performances, recitals, etc.). How do we think about sports / competition and losing - biblically? (02:27) Have I trained my children to respond poorly to sports because of my own attitude that they've seen in me towards winning and losing? What is the purpose of sports? What is the purpose of competition? So how have I prepped them? (05:30) Wanting to surpass your finiteness and desire to be perfect (10:22) What we often tell our kids is what we want more for you than winning is for you to honor God in the middle of the competition. So if you win and you don't honor God, you lose. If you lose and you honor God, then you really win in the big picture. (12:08) It's good to bring up stories to your kids of when you (parent) lost and how you had to deal with it. (13:28) How do we talk to our kids about the gospel in light of winning and losing in sports / competition. (16:26) We can easily take the good pleasures that God's given you and become enslaved to it / turning them into something that ends up destroying you. Life was not created to glorify ourselves. (18:37) Practical example: 76ers & Devotional Time (24:03) Keep losing and hardships in perspective. Even adults sulk after losing (e.g. not getting a raise, didn't get a promotion, etc.) (25:54) Question #2: How do I apply this past Sunday's sermon from Luke 4:42-44: "Jesus, Miracles and You" (26:50) Questions to ask before applying the text. - what was the author's intent? - what am I supposed to believe about Jesus? - how does the application fit in light of the rest of the bible? (33:21) In terms of how application in the Bible works and how we work as humans - we actually change is by looking at people and having heroes. What does Jesus value? How does shape what I should value? (35:22) Why we don't value physical miracles in comparison to spiritual ones, and how they are inadequate for dealing with the fundamental problem of human beings. (37:11) When you see a person who is convicted of sin, when you see a person who loves Christ more than they love themselves, that is bigger than seeing a paralyzed man walk or a blind person see, actually and more rare in a sense. (40:25) "You really will serve us by asking questions and serve other members of the church...what you're thinking about - probably five other people are asking similar questions." Transcript // Timestamps //
April 18, 2022
Episode #1
(0:00) start of Q&A Podcast (0:38) Josh's intro (1:05) Isaiah’s intro (2:00) Question: How do you know if you are living in accordance to the truths of the Resurrection (*correction: passage is 1 Cor 15) (2:27) Answer - "Yes, But How?" (4:42) "then you die...but then you're raised from the dead" (6:25) how do you scare somebody who is going to rise from the dead? (8:20) reflection of resurrection positively & negatively when would it be better to cut off your hand? (9:45) evaluating if you’re living according to the resurrection (referencing Col 3:5) (11:43) what does it mean to be raised by Christ resurrection mindset is a thankful mindset (12:27) dangers of living with an eternal perspective (incorrectly) dangers of living in orange county (14:32) the love of the Father drives out the love of things (15:26) cool to think about all the specific applications from NT (16:25) life is not futile (17:17) what will matter in light of resurrection (18:11) Question: How do you talk through personal sin in community w/o judgment and shame (19:01) Answer - God put us in a community to help one another (20:17) requirements for both person listening and sharing (how much do I want to grow?) (20:17) listen to the person and remember the gospel (21:12) response to if there is judgement (21:49) Question: confronting someone who is not willing to open up (22:25) Answer - be careful to assume others have sins they need to confess (23:28) example of response to confronting someone who is not sharing (23:48) reasons as to why someone might not open up (24:39) check your motives (25:21) imagine the kind of trust that is needed to share your deepest sins (27:13) be careful reading into someone’s response (28:50) sin is shameful (30:00) cool to see the church take sin more seriously AND most gracious to sinners (30:35) wrap it up // addressing listeners with goal of this and future conversations