We want to help you love God and love others.
Jesus Comes First
Our church is not first about us—it’s about Jesus.
God has a plan to display His greatness by solving all the problems of the universe, and that plan is not first about what we can do for Him, but instead about what He has done, is doing, and will do to glorify Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ.
We are not the hero, He is.
Our Mission
In spite of all the terrible things we see all around us, there is hope because of what God has done and will do through Jesus.
We exist to tell people about this hope!
We are here to deliver a message from God about Jesus and to show the difference that message makes in our lives and relationships.

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Sermon Audio

  1. The Problem of Unbelief

    Luke 13:31-35
    Joshua Mack //

  2. The Narrow Door

    Luke 13:22-30
    Joshua Mack //