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June 7, 2024
“During all those years [of my rebellion], where was my free will? What was the hidden, secret place from which it was summoned in a moment, so that I might bend my neck to your easy yoke…? How sweet all at once it was for me to be rid of those fruitless joys which I had once feared to lose…! YOU drove them from me, YOU who are the true, the sovereign joy. YOU drove them from me and took their place, YOU who are sweeter than all pleasure, though not to flesh and blood, YOU who outshine all light, yet are hidden deeper than any secret in our hearts, YOU who surpass all honor, though not in the eyes of men who see all honor in themselves…O Lord my God, my Light, my Wealth, and my Salvation.” - Augustine
May 10, 2024
May 3, 2024
"I do not pretend to see through the mystery of such [God's] visitations [moments of suffering], wherein God calls away the young, the promising, and those sorely needed for his service here; but this I do know and feel, that, in the light of such [times], it becomes us all to love and serve our blessed Lord Jesus so that we may be ready at his call for death and eternity.” - John Paton
April 19, 2024
Philippians 4:21-23
"Joy is the flag that flies on the castle of the heart, when the King is in residence there". Only those united to Christ can know that joy! The book of Philippians is about how knowing Jesus and living for His gospel, together, is the truly joyful life. That’s why we entitled our series “The life of joy in Christ”. It is the life to live, and the only way to genuine, everlasting joy. Paul’s explained the reasons why that’s the case throughout this letter—but those reasons also show up in his final words in Philippians 4:21-23.
April 7, 2024
Various Passages
This isn't really a sermon exactly. It's more of a talk. But we are going to look at a lot of Scriptures to get an overview of what the Bible has to say about why it is important in order to encourage and motivate us about the significance of reading, studying, and listening to the Bible. Important Passages: These are some of the Scriptures we will be looking at throughout this message. • Jeremiah 10:12; Romans 11:36; Psalm 24;1 • Acts 17:24,25; 1 Timothy 1:17; Genesis 1,2,3; Hebrews 1:1-2 • Psalm 29; Psalm 147:18; Isaiah 55:10-11; 2 Corinthians 4:6 • Galatians 1:8; Exodus 33:19 • Exodus 4:14-16; Jeremiah 1:6-9; Jeremiah 29:4; Jeremiah 36; John 14:9; John 12:49,50; John 17:8-20;Luke 10:16; John 16:12-15
March 10, 2024
Psalm 67
I want to encourage and challenge and excite you about the mission God’s given us as a church by helping you understand God’s plan for Israel.
March 3, 2024
Luke 14:25-35
A sermon is much more than an outline, but perhaps this outline will help you follow the sermon. Big picture there are going to be two parts to this message: 1. A warning about the danger of false religion and deceiving yourself (1-24) 2. An explanation of the nature of true discipleship (25-35) But I really want you to hear this message as a direct challenge to consider your relationship with Jesus. ● Are you fanatically, devoted and committed to Jesus above everything else? ● You need to think about that because He was hated and crucified. ● And if you are pretending to be his follower without being willing to actually follow Him, then what good is your religious activity?