Pastor Joshua’s Letter, Announcements, and Order of Service - Sunday, February 12, 2023


Do you remember the first time you jumped off a diving board?

Even if you don’t, it’s not hard to imagine what a child feels like as they stand on the edge looking into the water below. Some sort of get stuck there, not willing to go back and not willing to jump.

That’s cute when it’s a child.

But we can be a little like that with the Word of God, and that’s a problem.

We know what God wants us to do, but we are afraid. And, that fear creates an awful situation. We get stuck.

This Sunday I want us to think about how a relationship with Jesus can help us overcome those fears. Seeing Jesus puts everything else in perspective. I am praying that God will put the absolute, unparalleled sovereignty of Jesus on display so that you will confidently and joyfully step out in obedience whenever He asks you to “jump.”


Parents: For the younger children this Sunday, you can have them listen for the word: “faith.” To encourage them, Marda will have some treats afterward.


Online Church Directory. We're launching a new online directory through Planning Center! Hopefully this will be a useful tool for building relationships and more effectively loving one another in the church. Please use the links below to opt-in and select what information is shown.

Cornerstone Bible Institute will not be meeting on February 15th. CBI will resume on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7 p.m.

Foundations of Marriage (formerly Premarital Ministry). This class is geared towards newer couples planning for marriage, but it is also open to any couples interested in learning what the Bible says about marriage. Topics include the theology of marriage, roles of husbnds and wives, communication, and conflict resolution. Scheduled to be held during equipping hour. Space is limited. Please contact Albert Low for more information.

ROOTS Youth Ministry. Interested in making disciples? Contact Clifton Stewart for more information on how to serve junior high and high school students.

CBC Annual Retreat. CBC Retreat: February 17–20, 2023 at Oak Glen Christian Conference Center. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so at Retreat Registration

Church on February 19th. For those unable to make the retreat, we will have a church service in Fullerton at 10:30 a.m. There will be no Equipping Hour and no childcare that day. Anyone who wants to make the drive to Oak Glen Christian Conference Center is also welcome to join us for service there at 9:30 a.m.

Men’s Breakfast. February 25th. Join us for donuts and coffee at 8–9 a.m. and discuss what God designed men to be and do.

Equipping Hour @ 9:00 AM

The fourth of a six-week series: Overcoming Anger. Some of us burst out in anger, some of us clam up in anger, and some of us do the switcheroo: While bursting out at our kids, we pick up the phone and then seamlessly transition to clamming-up anger while talking to our boss! But don’t worry: God has help for all of us in all our sinful anger!

Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 10:30 AM

  • Order of Service

    • Welcome and Call to Worship

      • Singing
      • Come Ye Sinners
      • And Can It Be
      • Thy Mercy, My God
    • Announcements

    • Scripture Reading: Isaiah 60

    • Pastoral Prayer

    • Sermon: *"How to Respond to Jesus: The Sovereign Lord"*– Luke 8:26–39

    • Singing

      • Grace Alone
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  • Questions, Quotes and Notes