Worship Service - August 29, 2021


If you have a chance to go to a new church, you usually come away with an impression. Sometimes that impression is wrong, obviously. But other times you did get a sense of what that church was like. You might say that church is a musical church, or that church is an emotional church, or that church is a family church.

When we talk about things like that, we are talking about that church’s culture. They’ve got their doctrine on the web-site, and they have a way of living that becomes obvious as you attend the church. Over the next few Sundays, I want to talk about our church’s culture. Or I guess you could say, I want us to look at some of the doctrines we believe and think about the kind of culture those doctrines should produce at Cornerstone Bible Church. In other words, if we believe this, what should our church be like?

It’s going to be fun!

More importantly, I am praying God will use His Word to continue to transform our church culture into one that matches what we believe. As someone has said, gospel doctrine plus gospel culture equals gospel power! And so, we want to be a church that has the right gospel doctrine AND a church that has the right gospel culture so we can be a church that honors God and makes an impact for Christ.

Come ready! Come praying! Come expectant!

After our service on Sunday morning, we are going to have a church family meeting from 11 to 12. We have a lot to talk about. I will try to be done by 12. If for some reason we are not and you need to go, please, we totally understand! But, we have some exciting things to discuss as a church. Some of the things we will talk about will potentially feel like real changes, and so I think you will want to be there to understand the rationale and the proposed plan, and then also so you can ask questions and give input. We have a reason for our ideas, and we think it’s a good way to move forward, and yet we also want to give you a chance to think about it and discuss it with us.



I’ve included some things in the sermon brief document that I think will help you and your children benefit from the message this Sunday. Check them out. Print out what’s helpful. Or perhaps you can come up with a better plan yourself. For the younger children this Sunday, you can have them listen for the words, needy. I am going to say it A LOT! To encourage them, my wife Marda will have some treats afterward.

Every blessing,


Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 9 AM