Worship Service - January 16, 2022


If you are going to understand what makes the church relevant you begin not by focusing on what we do for God but instead by understanding what He has done for us. A big part of what we are called to do as a church is to proclaim, enjoy, want, hope in, think about and talk about the salvation God the Father has provided through His Son Jesus. This weekend we are gathering together again to do just that.

Equipping Hour:

We are different from one another. We need to be able to talk about those differences with each other in order to grow. But how do we know when to do that and when not to? In Equipping Hour we will be talking about the right and wrong approaches to responding to the differences we have with one another. We’ll also take some time to discuss the next chapter in Loving Messy People.

Worship Service:

God justifies the ungodly. To appreciate Christianity you have to understand that statement and why it is shocking. We are praying God will use our look at Romans 3:21ff this Sunday to grow our joy in that great truth. (A good word for the children to listen for would be righteousness!) Besides singing and studying God’s Word, we’ll also have the opportunity to celebrate communion and then enjoy a meal together afterwards.

Once again, it’s going to be a full Sunday! Make sure to prepare yourself physically and spiritually so you are ready to pursue joy in Jesus through worship and to pour yourself out for the good of others.

Come ready! Come praying! Come expectant!


Equipping Hour @ 9 AM

Link to Livestream

Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 10:30 AM

  • Order of Service
    • Welcome, Announcements and Call to Worship

    • Singing:

      • Rock of Ages
      • All I Have is Christ
      • Christ the True and Better
      • Let the Nations Be Glad
    • Scripture Reading - Romans 3:19-31

    • Pastoral Prayer

    • Preaching of God’s Word: Romans 3:19-31 – The Heart of the Gospel, Part 2

    • Singing:

      • Grace
  • Link to Sunday Morning Songs