Worship Service - January 23, 2022


Have you been preaching the gospel to yourself this week?

I hope so.

There’s so much hope and peace in the gospel. But to experience it, we must, as John Calvin once said, \

cast far from us all arrogance and presumption. By arrogance, I mean the pride born of the found belief we are righteous, as when a person fancies that he has something deserving of God’s approval. By presumption, I mean a carnal sense of security which may exist independently of trust in works.”

We’ve done that of course, but we need to continually be doing it.


This Sunday we are going to look at Romans 3:25-31 and see why it’s so important we know and remember and continually enjoy the doctrine of justification by faith alone. This truth has HUGE implications for the way we think and live our lives.

Come ready! Come expectant! Come praying!



Over the past few months we’ve been talking about the importance of discipling and discussing a process for discipling others. The dream is to be a church filled with more and more life-changing relationships. To help us accomplish that, we’re beginning something we’re calling Transformation Groups or even more simply, Discipleship Groups. We’re hoping to begin these after retreat, but we would like for you to sign up now. A number of you already have, but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a form to do so.


I’ve included some things in the sermon brief document that I think will help you and your children benefit from the message this Sunday. Check them out. Print out what’s helpful. Or perhaps you can come up with a better plan yourself. For the younger children this Sunday, you can have them listen for the words, “justification” or “righteousness.” Those are big words, I know. But they can try!

To encourage them, my wife Marda will have some treats afterward.

Equipping Hour @ 9 AM

Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 10:30 AM