Worship Service - July 11, 2021

Greetings, Saints!

What an exciting week at Cornerstone Bible Church!

Last Saturday, many of us got to enjoy time with our missionaries at Craig Regional Park. And then last Sunday, we had the privilege of hearing God’s Word from our missionary to Southeast Asia. Yesterday morning at 6:30 AM, around thirty of God’s people met to read and discuss God’s Word together. At Roots tonight, the junior high and high school students will be starting a series on studying God's Word.

This upcoming Sunday, we have the opportunity to hear God’s Word from another of our missionaries. And on Sunday night, any who can come are invited to cap off the weekend by praying together on Sunday night, 6:00-7:30 PM.

How exciting to be included in what God is doing for His glory around the world! Christ's name is being magnified! Our missionary to Africa will be preaching this Sunday, July 11th. As was emailed earlier this week, for security reasons, the sermon will not be live-streamed. (There will still be outdoor seating.) Here is a sermon preview our missionary has prepared for you:

What is hard about the Christian life for you? Staying regular with spiritual disciplines? Sharing your faith with the lost? Shepherding your family well? Among many other things that might come to mind, is waiting on the Lord one of them? Furthermore, do we really understand what it means to wait on the Lord?

It seems like it's hard for most Americans to wait for almost anything. Our culture is one that highly values efficient, task-oriented work and people. No doubt, that does bring blessings in some ways, but it can also make it hard to be people who are good at waiting. And of course, the problem is not really due to our cultural circumstances, but to our hearts that can tend towards self-reliance and desiring to have things when and how we want them more than we desire God's will according to His plan and timing.

But God, through His Word and Spirit, does not leave us without hope! In fact, He has given us much instruction on how to wait on Him properly, and promised amazing rewards for those who do. I'm praying that He will bless you through this Sunday's message about waiting on the Lord.

May the Lord use this Sunday to prepare us for a new week of exalting Christ by making disciples!

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