Worship Service - July 18, 2021


There are lots of problems in the world right now. Spiritual, physical, political, economic. We know that Jesus came to do something about the first kind of problem. But does our salvation have anything to do with the others? This Sunday we are going to look at Mary’s song in Luke 1:46-56 and consider what she was expecting God to do through Jesus.

Come ready! Come expectant! Come praying!



I recently read a helpful sermon from Joel Beeke on “The Profile of the Evangelistic Home.”

He begins the message:

There are numerous church growth books and manuals flooding the market, but surprisingly few of them address internal growth through the Holy Spirit as He sovereignly blesses the raising of children in biblical truth. Yet, historically, … Christians have acknowledged that their most solid, genuine church growth has been through the conversion of youth reared in the church.

Charles Spurgeon wrote to Edward Payson Hammond, author of The Conversion of Children, “My conviction is that our converts from among children are among the very best we have. I should judge them to have been more numerously genuine than any other class, more constant, and in the long run more solid.”

Andrew Bonar concurred and also wrote to Hammond, saying, “In awakenings that have been given us, the cases of young people have been as entirely satisfactory as any cases we have had. If conversion be God’s work, in which the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to the soul, surely His work can take place in children as really as in the old.”

We rejoice because God can save sinners, young and old! And of course, he uses means to do that. One of the means he uses is the preaching of His Word. When your children are grown and out of the home it is going to be difficult for you to help them learn how to benefit from preaching, so continue to take advantage of the opportunity you have while they are young. Who knows what God will do? I’m convinced as they learn the habits of listening and particularly listening to preaching, we’ll be surprised by the many blessings we see come into their lives.

This Sunday, you can have the younger children listen for the word Mary or salvation.

I’ve included in the sermon brief document, a link to the powerpoint, a fill in the blank listening aid, and questions you can ask your children after the sermon to see what they learned.

I hope it’s helpful!

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