Worship Service - June 13, 2021


I was looking for a quote from Martyn Lloyd Jones and found someone named W.H. Griffith Thomas saying the same thing, only a little earlier.

But it’s so important it’s worth repeating in ever single generation.

The fundamental and ultimate idea and fact of Christianity is the person of Christ. ‘What think ye of Christ?’ is the crucial problem today, as it has been all through the centuries. It is a test of Christianity and of man’s relation to Christianity. For nearly nineteen centuries attention has been concentrated on the Person of Christ both by His friends and by His foes. With a sure instinct both followers and opponents have realized the supreme importance of the Person of the Founder of Christianity. On the one hand, Jesus Christ has been at the centre of opposition in almost every age; on the other hand, he has been the Object of worship and of the hearts devotion of all Christians. We cannot get away from this central fact; it influences our thinking; it controls our action; and tests our entire attitude to the religion of Christ.

In other words, there isn’t really a more important or pressing question for us to consider than who is Jesus? It’s so important we’ve spent the last six weeks in the Old Testament getting ready to answer it. This Sunday, we are finally going to dive into the gospel of Luke to begin to see the way he helps us answer this all important, life shaping, eternally significant question.

I can’t wait! Please come praying God will enable us not simply to learn more information about Jesus, though I hope that happens, but that He will take what we learn about Jesus and cause us to love Him more and more.



This Sunday I am going to give three reasons it’s important we have a biblical understanding of who Jesus is.

You might prepare your older children by asking them to listen for those three reasons, and then ask them if they got them afterwards. It’s not so important they say it exactly the way I said it, but instead, see if they got the basic idea.

For your younger children, you might have them see if they can write the notes down from the slides? Here’s a PDF version you could print out. They could listen for how often I say the word Luke. But it will be a lot!

Also in the link where I put the sermon brief, etc. I’ve also included a Fill in the Blanks Listening Aid. Now I say Listening Aid rather than outline because I am not really one of those teachers that says, ok, I am about to fill in the blank. They will have to really listen to be able to fill in the blanks. I think that’s a positive, but if you have a child that wants the answers and is frustrated because they weren't able to get it because I spoke too quickly or whatever, I am sure I can help them later! Hopefully!

Also there are some after sermon listening questions that are intended to help as a check to see if you or your children were able to hear some of the more important parts of the message. Some of the questions will be too difficult for the younger children, and even the older ones might not get them all, but that’s ok, it’s just a sample of the kinds of questions I would hope people would be able to get answers for from the message.

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  • Sunday Morning Worship Services, 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM
  • Sunday’s Order of Service
    • Welcome, Announcements and Call to Worship

    • Worship in Song:

      • Only a Holy God
      • My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness
      • God the Maker
      • My One Comfort
    • Scripture Reading (Luke 1:1-25) and Pastoral Prayer

    • Preaching of God’s Word: Luke 1:1-25

    • Response Song: O Come O Come Emmanuel

  • Sunday’s Worship Playlist