Worship Service - March 28, 2021


A missionary named John Eliot once said,

Prayers and pains through faith in Christ Jesus will accomplish anything.

I know we’ve talked a lot the past few Sundays about how to pray. As we gather together this week I want to motivate you to pray by looking at a big promise Jesus makes to his followers about prayer and two stories he tells to assure us that promise is true. I am excited to see how God uses our time in Luke 11:5-13 to motivate us to cry out confidently expecting to see Him do great things.

Come ready! Come expectant! Come praying.

Every blessing in Jesus,


For the children

The word for this week is really simple: “Prayer.”

You can write that word across the top of a paper and give your child a pencil. They must make a tick mark every time they hear Pastor Josh say that word.

After church they can come show Marda all of their tick marks. Let's see how close they can get!

The older children can see if they can answer this question: “Why does Jesus tell the stories he does in this passage?”

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