Worship Service - May 2, 2021


I love the church and I love talking about church.

So I am excited about this Sunday! First of all, because we are going to be having a “State of the Church” discussion in the evening. But also, because this Sunday and next we are going to be looking at a vision for our church in 2021 and beyond.

(I know we are supposed to be finishing the Introduction to the Old Testament series. And we will! But, since we are having this meeting in the evening to talk about details regarding the church, I thought I would take advantage and take some time to talk about one of my big prayers for our church in the year ahead.)

Please be praying God uses it to inspire us to do everything we can as a local church to glorify God by taking the gospel to the lost and helping each other become more and more like Jesus.



God’s given us an example of what wise parents teach their children in the book of Proverbs, and do you know one of the main topics we see Solomon talking to his son about?

How to listen.

We’re not naturally good at listening to anybody but ourselves. Plus, when it comes to God’s Word there is a spiritual war going on. So it’s not surprising that most children don’t come out of the womb knowing how to benefit from a sermon.

But, that’s part of why you are there. To help them.

Here are some suggestions for this upcoming Sunday.

Before you come to church:

  1. Have them get to bed at a good time. And as you are tucking them into bed, tell them why you want them to get a good rest for tomorrow. You might say something like, “Do you know what we get to do tomorrow?” Then they can try to answer. And you can say, “I am excited because we get to worship God! And we get to listen as God speaks to us through His Word. Let’s pray we get a good sleep so we can have energy to listen.”
  1. In the morning as you get ready to come to church, perhaps have some good hymns or choruses playing in the background. Pray that God helps you be truly joyful and peaceful as you prepare. If things feel a little rushed or you feel a little grumpy, ask God for help. If you are short with your children or your wife or husband, why don’t you ask for forgiveness on the way to church? And then you can even ask your children to pray for you.

    Daddy is a little grumpy this morning. This is part of why I need a Savior. I am a sinner and I don’t always wake up as excited about Jesus as I should be. But regardless of how I feel today, Jesus is the most important and wonderful person in the universe, and so I need to go to church to be encouraged. Will you pray that God works in my heart as we do?

  1. During the sermon, we’re going to talk about what God wants from us as a church. So on the way to church, you might ask your children:

    • Why do we go to church?

    • What did you think God wants us as members of the church to do?

  1. Pray for the service together.

During church:

  1. When you get to church, you might try to kindly explain your expectations before the service begins.

    Honey, I love you. We are going to try our best to enjoy and glorify God today together. One way you can help is by trying to sit quietly and listen.

  1. You can have a piece of paper ready for them and if they are little, they can listen for one word and mark down every time I say it. This week, I’ll be saying church and disciple a whole lot. Either one of those words or both of those words will work! And of course, they can come up and see me afterwards and I will have some candy for them.
  1. For the older children, they can watch the powerpoint and take notes by copying what the powerpoint says.
  1. The older children might also try to answer these questions:
    • What does the word for church mean?
    • What does it mean to disciple someone?
    • Why is discipling important?
    • Who did we look at as an example of how to disciple?

After church:

  1. If your children did well listening in the service, notice and encourage them! You might say something like, “Wow. You really did a good job listening today. I noticed you were sitting so still. Thank you!”
  1. At supper or the next day, you might ask them:
    • What is one thing you remember from the sermon?
    • Is there anything you didn’t understand? Do you have any questions about what was taught?
    • Is there anything you learned or think you can change?
  1. And you might share with them:
    • This is one thing I learned.
    • This is one way I was challenged.
    • This is one thing I want to put into practice as a result.

More details

  • Sunday Morning Worship Services at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
  • Sunday’s Order of Service
    • Welcome, Announcements, and Call to Worship

    • Worship in Song:

      • Glorious Christ
      • Man of Sorrows
      • Grace
      • Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor
    • Scripture Reading (Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 17:1-9) and Pastoral Prayer

    • Preaching of God’s Word (Matthew 28:16-20; 1 Thessalonians 1-2)

    • Response Song: Let Your Kingdom Come

  • Link to Live Stream @ 8:30 a.m. -- YouTube for Sunday, May 2, 2021


  • This Sunday at 6pm (May 2nd), we will be having a “State of the Church” meeting. The meeting will be in person (inside only) but we also email a zoom link. The “State of the Church” is an exciting time to celebrate what God is doing at CBC and to welcome new members. Children are welcome to sit with parents.
  • Because of the State of the Church, there will be no Children’s Ministry Zoom this Sunday.
  • The next CBC prayer meeting will be on Sunday, May 16th at 6pm.
  • Mark your calendars for the next Women of the Word gathering! Saturday, June 5, 9am.