Pastors' Q&A


Episode #1


Joshua Mack, Isaiah Mackler


April 18, 2022


(0:00) start of Q&A Podcast (0:38) Josh's intro (1:05) Isaiah’s intro (2:00) Question: How do you know if you are living in accordance to the truths of the Resurrection (*correction: passage is 1 Cor 15) (2:27) Answer - "Yes, But How?" (4:42) "then you die...but then you're raised from the dead" (6:25) how do you scare somebody who is going to rise from the dead? (8:20) reflection of resurrection positively & negatively when would it be better to cut off your hand? (9:45) evaluating if you’re living according to the resurrection (referencing Col 3:5) (11:43) what does it mean to be raised by Christ resurrection mindset is a thankful mindset (12:27) dangers of living with an eternal perspective (incorrectly) dangers of living in orange county (14:32) the love of the Father drives out the love of things (15:26) cool to think about all the specific applications from NT (16:25) life is not futile (17:17) what will matter in light of resurrection (18:11) Question: How do you talk through personal sin in community w/o judgment and shame (19:01) Answer - God put us in a community to help one another (20:17) requirements for both person listening and sharing (how much do I want to grow?) (20:17) listen to the person and remember the gospel (21:12) response to if there is judgement (21:49) Question: confronting someone who is not willing to open up (22:25) Answer - be careful to assume others have sins they need to confess (23:28) example of response to confronting someone who is not sharing (23:48) reasons as to why someone might not open up (24:39) check your motives (25:21) imagine the kind of trust that is needed to share your deepest sins (27:13) be careful reading into someone’s response (28:50) sin is shameful (30:00) cool to see the church take sin more seriously AND most gracious to sinners (30:35) wrap it up // addressing listeners with goal of this and future conversations


Pastors' Q&A