Pastors' Q&A


Episode #3


(00:25) - What were you like in High School (08:47) - Paradigm shift "a whole different way of thinking about reality" // 1 Cor 1:10 - 2:5 (Sunday's passage) (13:20) - What do I boast in (major theme talked about in podcast)? where do I find my confidence and identity in? Jeremiah 9:23-24. (21:59) - "Enjoying becomes boasting when I'm finding security, identity or approval in it. I'm looking for it in these things, and we make it our savior." - "God's not up in heaven, like, don't worship idols. Don't boast in these things because I just want to mess with you and I want to make it really hard. He warns us against idolatry because idols are liars." - Boasting is active (28:05) - Answer to question: How do we create a culture where we are emphasizing this paradigm shift // living life in light of the cross. (29:10) - But a great picture of the new lifestyle would be somebody described it as the J curve. (32:46) - I love talking about this because I think there's a million different ways we try to get out of dying to self; thinking of it as totally connected to our life circumstances. "But my hope to live a life that's all out for Christ is not just found in a change of my circumstances. It's more found in a change of world view." (35:31) - Needing to examine the areas where we need to die to self // Where in our hearts are we white knuckled? (37:40) - How to create a culture of death to self. 1) Faithfully living it out (38:39) - How to create a culture of death to self. 2) Communicating to one another how we are dieing to self. (40:00) - Looking to proactively trying inconvenience myself. "But it has to be about Christ and anything good is from him anyway. So if we make it about ourselves, we're just really missing the point." (42:29) - This is why you need normal, good, healthy, unrushed time with other believers who can present to you a different way of thinking about life.




Pastors' Q&A