Pastors' Q&A


Episode #4


Joshua Mack and Isaiah Mackler


May 9, 2022


(00:27) - - Moms we are thankful for. (03:42) - - Question 1: In light of having a future focus, how should we view hobbies that seem materialistic or worldly, such as traveling, eating, shopping, things of that nature? (10:07) - - I think for people from our culture, it's worthwhile to think a little specifically about these hobbies because we definitely do live in a culture that kind of puts such a huge emphasis on my personal pleasure. (22:24) - - The world has monetized our attention and so for us to be pleasure seekers, it is something to be aware of with our smartphones - they are going to sell pleasure to us! (27:20) - - Question 2: Can unbelievers glorify God with good works? For example, an unbeliever adopts a child or save someone's life...Is God glorified in that or not?


Pastors' Q&A